Visit this Unique Architecture Place in Singapore - Haw Par Villa
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Visit this Unique Architecture Place in Singapore – Haw Par Villa

I myself always love to travel to places which are unique and give a different kind of vibe. Recently I have been to this amazing place called Haw Par Villa. This place is not just a place it takes you to another level, i mean after seeing the architecture you feel you are in 1945. Here are some reasons why you need to visit Haw Par Villa.

1.A Great Location for Weekend or Picnic

We all love to plan weekends to special locations. And many of us have a bucket list. Even some people don’t like to visit the same place again and again or malls or crowded places. That is why this is an amazing place to spend the weekend for you. You can carry food and sit in the villa and enjoy your day.

2. Has amazing statues 

We might have seen 5 to 10 statues but once you visit this beautiful villa you are able to see 1,000 +statues. Best part is all these statues are unique and have amazing designs. While seeing these statues you feel you are in the 10th century. 

3.Place is colourful

Each statue in the villa is painted with a different colour and the overall look of the villa looks so colourful. It feels all the colours are real and all the statues are real. Visiting this place not only gives good vibes but also gives peace to your mind. 

4. Easy to reach 

As this place is located in the city, you can easily reach this place. There is a direct metro available to this place. You need to go by circle line metro to reach this beautiful place. 

5. Entry free

Now you might be thinking how much the entry fee is. Yes it’s totally free.  So you can go with your family, kids and friends to this place.

I totally had a great experience and I fell in love with the designs. It’s a unique and beautiful villa which I have seen in my lifetime. 

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