Top 12 Things to Do at Jurong Lake Gardens Singapore
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Top 12 Things to Do at Jurong Lake Gardens Singapore

Singapore is such a clean, neat and beautiful country. Every place is unique and attractive. I myself explored a lot of places but I have never gotten bored of them. And as I stay near Jurong, Jurong Lake Gardens is one of my favorite places. I spend at least 2 to 3 hours at this place every day. It’s not only the best place to walk or jog but it’s an amazing place to spend time with family, friends and your loved one. Yes, here are some Top 12 Things to Do at Jurong Lake Gardens Singapore.

Top 12 Things to Do at Jurong Lake Gardens Singapore


Do skating at a skatepark. It’s the largest outdoor skatepark in the singapore. You can spend your evening or morning in the skate ground. There are 5 skate grounds. It’s the best place to learn skating for kids as well. Moreover, the elders can also skate in the park. There is no entry fee so from morning 8 am to evening 10 pm you can use the ground to skate. There is a new cafe opened just beside the skating ground called skatepark cafe.  You can also have your favourite drinks and food over here. Note: It will be open 8am to 10pm, Tuesday to Sunday  and closed on Monday for maiatine.

2.Rasau Walk

Take a long walk with fresh air and a beautiful view at Rasau Walk. This is a perfect place to go for a walk everyday. Its path is covered with beautiful trees and a lake. It makes your walking more beautiful. Do not miss this place. If you are staying near jurong then do not miss to go for a walk.

3.Kids playground

Let your kids spend some quality time in physical activities in the kids playground. This huge playground has a lot of play options. Swing is one of my favourites in the kids playground. Best part of this playground is it’s made with wood and other elements which are very friendly to nature.

4.Butterfly maze

Watch beautiful butterflies at the butterfly maze. You can see a variety of butterflies flying all over the ground in the butterfly maze. After rain or in the morning is the best option to see more butterflies. Also capture beautiful videos and pictures of butterflies.

5.Grow your own garden

Grow your own green vegetables at jurong lake garden. This is the largest allotment garden space in singapore. It’s the best way to spend time for old people by just doing small activities. Grow a variety of fruits, vegetables in this garden.

6.Dog Run

If you are an animal lover then do not miss bringing your dog here. It’s a clean and large space for dogs. Most beautiful part of this place is that your dog can meet many other dogs at this beautiful place.

7.View ayurvedic medicine plants at The Canyon

This small and beautifully designed place is filled with plenty of ayurvedic medicine plants. It has a variety of tiny and big plans. Specially for your kids it is a good place to showcase the plants and its benefits.

8.Lakeside Green

Click a beautiful picture with flowers at lakeside green. You can see a variety of flowers and plants here. It’s an amazing place for pre wedding shoots and maternity shoots.


Spend some time at grassland. It is the perfect place to watch the sunset and sunrise. Also it’s an amazing place for photoshoots. It’s a unique and attractive place to have fun.

10. Logs Trail

Rewind your old memories by walking on the long trail. This adventure path is made from recycled wood. For kids it’s a very good place.

11. Watch beautiful view at wetland

Especially in the evening you must visit this place. 

12. Ship up of coffee at starbuck

Goodness for coffee lovers. As Starbuck located just near the wetland you can ship your coffee with a view.

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