Lazarus & St John's Island Singapore - How to Rech, Best Time to Visit & Things to Do
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Lazarus & St John’s Island Singapore – How to Rech, Best Time to Visit & Things to Do

Want to escape from the city? Then here are a few options for you. Yes, so many of us will be bored of crowded areas and vehicles. So we all will be searching for a calm place where we can get peace without any disturbance. Recently I have been to this amazing place called Lazarus & St John’s Island. These two islands are just away from Singapore and give you a fantastic vibe. Here are the few things you can do at Lazarus & St John’s Island Singapore.

Singapore is not only a green city, but it also has amazing beaches, architecture, botanic gardens, temples and many more. It’s not even possible to get exposure in a week, because there are so many unique places which really give amazing vibes to trailers. So, if you are travelling to Singapore and if you really love beaches then you need to visit these two amazing beaches.

First you need to reach the marina south pier(you can go by bus or metro). Once you reach the marina south pier, you will be able to see the ticket counter. Get the ticket for these two islands. The ticket charge is just S$15 per head(both the way). There are a few more islands. If you would like to visit them you need to pay extra for the ticket. So once you receive the ticket they will suggest standing in the Q.

Then will board you on the ferry by checking the ticket. Best part is you are an even carry cycle. And most importantly don’t forget  to carry a lot of food, water, sanks. Because on the island there are no shops. 

Once you board the ferry you can enjoy the beautiful marina bay sand view and island view. You can sit on the top to enjoy a beautiful view of the sea and building. It takes around 30 minutes to reach Lazarus island. Once you get down to Lazarus island, keep all your stuff below the trees and enjoy the green and sea vibe. 

Many people do carry tents, if you are going in the group then you can get a tent. You can also cook over there but all the utilizes you need to carry while going. Many people do come in the private ferry, and they do have all the water games. If you are interested in the water game, you can book that as well.

Spend some time in Lazarus island, from there you need to walk to St John’s Island. Because in Lazarus island there is no pickup available so while going back you must need to go to St John’s Island. In St John’s Island there are many monkeys so you need to be careful while carrying any snacks or food. 

Even cycles are available over there but it’s really costly, per hour they may charge you 17 to 20$ so instead of that you can just walk or else take your own cycle while going to these islands.

While coming back they get you via kusu island,so we have not got down over there but some other time we are planning to visit this island as well. 

Do not forget to carry sunscreen, sunscreen spray, hat and glasses because the climate will be too hot and you will definitely get tanned if you don’t carry all the stuff.

How to reach Lazarus Island?

  • First you need to go to marina south pier, from marina south pier, they will take you on a ferry.

What is the ferry charge for Lazarus Island?

  • Per head it is S$15, It includes both ways.

When to visit Lazarus Island?

  • The best time to visit Lazarus Island is around 9Am to 3Pm, also do check the weather condition. 

Is Lazarus Island safe for solo travellers?

  • Yes it’s absolutely safe for everyone. 

Is food available at Lazarus Island?

  • No, you need to carry food, snacks, drinks , and water before boarding the ferry. 

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