Tips to Travel New Places Within Budget - How to Explore New Places

Tips to Travel New Places Within Budget – How to Explore New Places

Who else would not like to visit new places? Yes, travelling makes everyone happy and we all love to explore new places. No matter whether the place is big or small, we just love to explore it and enjoy it. But there is another happiness when we travel within our budget. Most people do spend a lot of money on travel but that’s not right. Here are some Tips to Travel to New Places Within a Budget.

I used to spend a lot of money on travel without thinking about anything. But after a few days I just gave up on it. I started saving more money, which I used to spend on unwanted stuff, then started listing new places. 

Especially girls, they are crazy with all the new stuff which is there in the market for example, bags, watches, jewellery etc.. If your dream is to travel the world then you just need to start reducing  all these not completely but with minimal. One thing I would like to suggest to the  younger generation ” Travel the world and create the memorie” because once you get old you might have a lot of money but according to today’s situation we may face health problems. So when we are energised and young , let’s see the money and travel the world.

 Tips to Travel New Places Within Budget

Tip No 1# Sae the money

Today even when we get older our dad and mom still give us pocket money. And so many of us spend pocket money on unwanted things like parties and all. So instead of spending that money you can start saving it. And if you are working, start saving some money from your salary for a trip every month. If you are a student then instead of spending time on video games work on some freelancing project and save money. 

For example > If you save at least 3000 per month then  per year it will be 30000. So you have an amazing place within this budget.(saving depends on the income which you get).

Tip No 2# Never buy Expensive stuffs

Most of us buy luxury shoes, bags and watches. That we don’t even wear it for a longer period. After wearing it for a few months we do get bored of it and we again start purchasing the new products. So stop[ doing this. If you love to have luxury products or items. Buy it once in life, not regular. Instead of spending on luxury, save it for travel.

Tip No 3# Go in the Group

Instead of going alone, you can go for a trip in the group. Going for a trip in the groups saves your money and also you will get good company. There are many groups available on facebook, instagram etc. You can be online with them via DM’s and schedule your trip accordingly.

Tip No 4# Avoid 5* Hotel for Accomodation 

Instead paying in thousand for 5* hotels start staying at hostels. There are plenty of hotels all around the world. If you are going with your family then i recommend you to stay in Airbnb. Nowadays accommodation is also costly so be careful while choosing the hotel as well.

Tip No 5# Keep checking Travel Offer and Offers

Most of us don’t even check what offer is going on. Yes there are credit card offers on flights and hotels. So always check the offer and book your hotel and flights. 

Tips No 6# Avoid Travelling During Holidays

During public holidays and occasions the most of the hotel and flight would be more. So try to avoid travelling during holidays. Instead of spending a lot of money during oations you can spend half of it in the normal time.

Tip No 7# Pak Your Saks

Always apk some snacks while travelling. Because in the tourist places the cost of food or snacks will be higher compared to the city. So carry some snacks while going on a trip. It would be even more great if you carry home made snacks.

Tip No 8 # Don’t shop for eerie trip

We all love to wear different dresses for different trips. So cut down on the shopping. Half of the money goes to shopping rather than travelling so try to cut down on shopping for every trip.

Tip No 9# Cancel unnecessary subscriptions

This is very important. Nowadays everyone from kids to elders have amazon prime, netflix, etc.. And most of the subscriptions are also high, so if you are travelling then i do not think this is needed for you. 

Tip No 10# Don’t spend more on gadget

You don’t need to spend more money on gadgets like camera, phone, tripod, drone etc.. Until you get a good budget in your hand try to spend as much as possible.

Follow these tips and start enjoying each and every moment by visiting different places. 

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