Top 7 Juices that Helps to Cool Down Your Body During Summer
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Top 7 Juices that Helps to Cool Down Your Body Temperature During Summer

Summer is here and it’s important to keep our body cool and hydrated. So, staying hydrated is very important otherwise you may face some health issues. You can drink water as much as possible but there are few juices that help to keep your body cooler for a longer period. Drinking ready-made juices is not at all good for body during summer. Here are some Top 7 Juices which you can include in your routine during summer to beat the heat and keep the body cool.

In the busy schedule most people carry ready-made juice but drinking remedy juice may affect your health. As readymade juices contain added sugar and other ingredients which may not suit health and even readymade juices are stored for a longer period so it won’t be fresh to drink  during summer.

Here are the Top 7 Juices that helps to Cool Down Your Body During Summer

1.Watermelon Juice

The simple and easy to make juice can make your life easy and healthy during summer. Yes, drinking watermelon juice keeps your body hydrated. High amount of water and electrolytes in the watermelons keeps the body hydrated and it also cools down the body temperature during hot days. Keep your body hydrated during summer with watermelon juice.

2.Cucumber Juice

Rich water content in the Cucumber not only keeps your body hydrated but also improves overall health of the body. Cucumbers contain up to 95% of water and also they are rich in anti-inflammatory compounds. Drinking cucumber juice in summer also helps to flush out the toxins from the body by promoting overall health.

3.Avocado Juice

Monounsaturated fatty acids in the Avocados helps to eliminate heat from the body and it also helps to reduce toxins in the blood. Drinking this soft soothing and tasty juice helps to cool down your body during summer.

4.Muskmelon juice 

Melons are always good for health  as well as for body heat. High water content in the muskmelon does help to keep your body cool and hydrated during summer. By supplying a good amount of minerals and nutrients it also helps to fight with heat.


This indian drink is an best drink to beat the summer heat. A tangy juice from the urd is the perfect drink for summer. It can be consumed everyday afternoon. While making, add a pinch of salt and Coriander leaves for better taste. 

6.Orange Juie

Orange juice not only reduces the internal body but also helps to fight with external body heat. All vitamin juices help to keep your body cool during summer. You also add orange pulp in the juice to make it tastier.

7.Vegetable Juice

A mix of carrot, beetroot and summer also helps to reduce body heat. Drinking a glass of fresh vegetable juice everyday morning helps to give nutrients to the body and it also helps to keep your body cool and hydrated.

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