Top 20 Tips for Skin During Summer - How to Protect Your Skin During Summer
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Top 20 Tips for Skin During Summer – How to Protect Your Skin During Summer

Especially during summer it’s very important to give extra care to your skin. Because not only harsh UV rays spoil your skin but also the sun rays and other harmful rays may damage your skin. So Protect Your Skin During Summer with proper care. Here are the Top 20 Tips for Skin During Summer which you need to follow.

Most of the time we step out from the home without using sunscreen or without wearing a cap or without even covering the face. But when our skin starts irritating or it starts tanning then we all start thinking about skin care products or tips. But taking little care before stepping out can help you to protect skin and you can enjoy the sun without worrying about your skin.

Top 20 Tips for Skin During Summer

1.Apply Sunscreen

Sunscreen is suggested to apply in all the season but during summer you need to reapply again and again to avoid skin damage. So always carry small sunscreen in your bag and apply whenever your skin feels dry or irritated. Most important you need to choose sunscreen which has broad spectrum protection to skin. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer sunscreen is one of the best sunscreens which you can use for your skin. 

2.Wash Your Face 3 to 4 Times

During summer your skin will become more oily. Due to excess oil you may face acne , pimples and skin irritation problems. So to get rid of dirt, oil and other particles from the skin, wash your face at least 3 to 4 times a day. Use natural cleanser which is mild and gives a nourishing effect to skin.

3.Drink Plenty of Water

This is very important. More you drink water, the more hydrated your body will get. So drinking more water is not only good for health but also keeps your skin healthy and hydrated. At Least 3 to 4 litres of water you need to drink during summer. 

4.Do Not Skip Moisturizer

Many people during summer skip moistures. Excessive summer can dehydrate your skin so it’s important to keep your skin moisturised and nourished  during summer. Try some oat moisturiser for skin during summer. Using moisture also protects skin from dryness.

5.Use curd for Face 

Give a little extra care to your skin with a curd mask. Apply curd mask at least once a week for the face to give cooling effect and moisturization to skin. You can add honey in the curd or cucumber  in the curd and apply the paste to your face. Using curd during summer helps give nie glow to skin and also keeps skin healthy.

6.Use cucumber Face Mask

Instead of a face mask sheet , crush half a cucumber in the mixture and add a little honey or curd to it and apply the paste all over the face. You can easily fight with excess heat, sunburn and pollution with a cucumber face mask. Using a cucumber mask helps to restore the lost moisture to skin and it also helps to give deep hydration to skin.

7.Put Ice cube on face

We all love to keep our body cool during summer by drinking a lot of cold juices. Just like that to keep your face cool use ice cube for face. There are ice cube mask available in the market,you can use them as well. Otherwise you can dip your face in ice water at least once a day for 2 minutes a day. Using ice not only gives a cooling effect but also helps to get rid of acne and dull skin. 

8.Include Serum in Skin care Routine

During summer you need to invest money on some good skin care products. Extra care will always be beneficial; for extra healthy skin. So include some vitamin c  serum in the skin  routine. Using serum during summer helps to avoid skin pigmentation or tan.

9.Wear Hat

During summer after 9 am you can see harsh sun rays, So roaming in the sun from 9am to 4 pm will definitely damage skin. So always wear a cap while stepping out. You can also cover your face with a face mask.

10.Sunglas is Must

Just like skin you need to care for your eyes as well. Direct exposure to the sun may affect vision as well. Under eye or the skin around the eyes may also get tanned during summer. So sunglasses are a must during summer. 

11.Use Aloe vera

Do you aloe vera is one of the best ingredients which you can include in your skincare routine during summer. Anti inflammatory and anti inflammatory properties in the aloe vera helps to soothe and hydrate skin. It also keeps your skin away from itchiness and irritation. 

12.Never Use Hot Water for Face

Most of the people wash their face with hot or lukewarm water. During summer your skin will be more sensitive, if you use hot water for face it may become red or it may lose it hydration. So always use normal water or cold water for your face during summer.

13.Use Soft Towle

To pat dry your face use a soft, silky towel instead of a rough towel. You can also use tissue paper to pat dry your face. Rough towel may make your skin dry or irritating so avoid using it during summer.

14.Carry Wet Tissues

If you are travelling during summer do not miss to carry wet tissue paper. Whenever your skin feels more dry and dehydrated you can just wipe out your face with wet tissue. Using wet tissue for the face helps to hydrate skin and also keeps skin healthy.

15.Do Not Exfoliate Your Skin

During summer do not exfoliate your skin regularly. If you want to get rid of dead skin cells or dry skin you can use a mild exfoliator instead of a rough exfoliator. Exfoliating regularly during summer may cause skin irritation.

16.Limit on Makeup

When you put on a lot of makeup your skin isn’t able to breathe. Because open pores will be filled up with layers of makeup. When you wear it, oil will deposit in the pores and that may cause acne. So limit your makeup during summer.

17.Take Steam

At Least once in 15 days take steam. Taking steam during summer helps to lose accumulation of dirt and bacteria. It also helps to flush away dead skin cells and other toxins so your skin will be free from acne and pimples.

18.Do Not Skip Work Out

People avoid going for a workout during summer. But that is completely wrong. You need to sweat out during summer to avoid other skin issues. More unwatered sweats come during workout that may help you to get glowing skin.

19. Sleep Well

A good sleep will not only calm your mind but also helps to make new collagen. More collagen production and less wrinkles. So good sleep helps to fight dull and ageing skin.

20. Eat Healthy and Drink Healthy

Say goodbye to added sugar juice or food during summer. Instead include watermelon juice, cucumber juice and more vegetables in your food routine. So, eat healthy and enjoy healthy skin.

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