Never Miss to Go This Place in Singapore Best Place to See Sunset and Sunrise in Singapore
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Never Miss to Go This Place in Singapore – Best Place to See Sunset & Sunrise in Singapore

Every corner of Singapore has its own magic and if you visit each and every place you will feel the difference. Yes most of us will be bored of the same place or same view and we all would be looking for an amazing view where there is less crowd. If you are also the one then Never Miss to Go This Place in Singapore. Especially if you are at sunrise and sunset over then this beautiful place is for you.

When i say sunrise and sunset there is a small quote or shayari coming in my mind. 

“Hey Sunrise Why You Are So Beautiful

A Birds Will Start Singing Melody Song When You Are Rising

A Beautiful Flowers Will Start Blooming When You Are Rising

A Frezzy Wind Will Start Flowing All Around Us When You Are Rising

A Chilled Climate Make Us to Forget Our Worries  While You Are Rising

So You Always Indicate Every Day is New Beginning , So Always Shine Like Sun”

Yes, now coming to the place…

Recently we visited a beautiful place called Raffles Marina , which is located near Tuas Link Singapore. We just fell in love with this beautiful place. The Speciality of this place is it has a very beautiful light house. People go here to see the sunrise and sunset. This is an amazing place for a free wedding shoot, photoshoot, and birthday party as well.

The transportation to this place is very convenient. You can go by metro (East West Line or Green Line). 

What I Liked About This Beautiful Place?

1. It’s an Best Place to See Sunset

I have seen many sunsets but this is an amazing experience which i had recently.  Those beautiful waves and lighthouse gives such a beautiful vibe.

2. It is island view

There is an island just opposite the lighthouse and it looks so amazing from the lighthouse. I just love this view because it is covered with sea and hills.

3. Best place to take pictures

I love taking pictures and this is an amazing place to do a photoshoot. Many weddings , parties and photoshoots happen in this place.

4. You Do Get Snacks

Who else would not like to have snacks when you are at the beautiful location? Yes they have vending machines for snacks and drinks. You can buy it and crave it while watching the sunset. No outside food and drink is allowed.

5.No Entry Fee

Entry is free so you can sit as long as you want. But if you are shooting film or making filmy videos you need to take persimmon and there will be an extra charge for it. Drones are not allowed.

6. Never go to this place if it is about to rain

Its lighting area so avoid going to this place while singing or if it is about to rain. Security doesn’t allow you to go inside if it is going to rain. So based on the climate prediction you can visit this place.

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