Things to do At Bintan Island  
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Beautiful Island Near Singapore – Things to do At Bintan Island  

Looking for some beautiful getaway near Singapore? Or do you want to enjoy nature plus the beach? Then Bintan Island is one of the best places for you. We know Singapore is covered with a lot of islands and different islands have different vibes. Recently we have been to Bintan island, we just love the greenery around it and the peace all over the island.

Bintan island is located in  Indonesia and it is just 217 km  away from singapore. Best part is you can visit this place at any time. So before going too deep about this place let us see how to reach Bintan. 

As Bintan is very near to singapore you can reach to this place via ferry

The cost of a ferry per person is just 45 Singapore dollars. Also you may choose VIP ticket if you needed

You can board the ferry from tanah merah or harabour font

Everyday there will be 2 ferry with a different time

There are many hotels, resorts and hotels available in Bintan. We wanted to experience something different so we stayed at Doulos Phos The Ship Hotel. It’s a ship hotel and the view from this hotel was just amazing. The swimming pool was too good. 

Here is the list of things to do at Bintan Island

1.Blue Sand Dunes / Blue Lake 

If you are looking for some instagram pictures then this is a must visit place. I fell in love with this place. The view, water and the location was too good. It’s a perfect place for pre wedding shoots as well. This place is called a blue sand water lake because the water in the lake looks blue colour and it is not suitable for drinking and swimming. The sand beside the lake gives an amazing ibes to the pictures. You can also watch the sunset from this beautiful place. 

2.Lagoi Beach

We weren’t able to spend more time here due to the rain. But it is an amazing place to enjoy water games and also a beautiful place to see the sunset. You can see the white sand here and it’s the calm and peaceful beach I have ever seen. Best part is you can find a lot of restaurants, hotels and marts near this beach. There is no entry fee for this place. You can spend quality time at this beach.

3.500 Lohan Temple

This is a one of the new Chinese temples which is built recently. It has 500 life-sized Lohan/arhat stone statues with different face expressions. But all statues look the same with a slight change. It is located in the hill station and from the ferry terminal it takes 1 hour in the taxi. But I would say it’s such a beautiful place for a weekend. 

4.Vihara Avalokitesvara Graha

This is one of the biggest buddha temples which is loathed in the city. If you are looking for some  place for mediation, then this is the best place to go. It has a big buddha statue and you are able to see a lot of people doing prayer here. 

5.Taste Some Indonesian Juice

Things to do At Bintan Island  

Try some different juice and ice cream near the beach side or in the city. They have a variety of juices and ice cream. It gives you a different taste as compared to other places. The cost is different for different juices.  

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