Is Singapore good for indians? - Is it ok to Move to Singapore?
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Is Singapore good for Indians? – Is it ok to Move to Singapore?

Yes, I even had this question in my mind before moving to Singapore. At Least i have spent 2 months thinking about whether to move or not. But finally, when I moved, I really felt happy. So even if you are thinking whether to move or not, or if you are planning to move then this article is for you. Let me explain to you about Is it ok to Move to Singapore? And Is Singapore good for Indians?

When i reached Singapore i just fell in love with nature, greenery and cleanliness. One best part is there is no traffic, no pollution and no dust. It’s a clean, green and beautiful city. My home is located at least 40 km away from Changi airport and from there I have reached it in just 40 minutes. 

Things i liked in Singapore

1.The city is very clean – I roam a lot everyday but I have never found a single piece of paper or plastic or garbage on the road. It’s super clean and super neat.

2.No pollution – Am allergic to pollution, when i was in pune i used to use a mask everyday but here in Singapore i don’t even find a single pollution particle. There is no pollution which is very good for health.

3.No dust – As most people in Singapore use public transportation and all public transportation is electric so there is no dust. And best part is it rains everyday here so after rain all the road and trees will be clean.

4. Singapore has a very good public transportation system – When the government gives good transportation to people most of us will start using that only. You can easily find metro stations, buses and taxis in Singapore . So it is well connected to all other places so that you can travel easily all over Singapore.

5.Trees everywhere – Since childhood I have loved nature more than beaches. So here in Singapore i can find a variety of trees, plants, flowers etc so the city is full of trees, and it looks so beautiful.

6. Have good amenities – For example if you are staying at an apartment, you will find all the amenities. So, people can play, can exercise and can chit chat by sitting in the garden.

So now the point is clear, you can easily move to Singapore if you would like to enjoy a pollution free, traffic free and dust free city. 

Many Indians are currency staying in Singapore, i myself met many Indian and even they said same thing about the city. 

In the next article let me explain what I did not like in Singapore, keep reading and keep rocking. 

Note: Above mentioned points are based on my experience.

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