Do Indians Face Problems with Food in Singapore
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Do Indians Face Problems with Food in Singapore?

We Indians always love to taste or try a variety of food no matter whether we are in India or in other countries. Yes, I am also a food lover. I mean a super-duper food lover. In India we can get adjusted to any part of the county. I mean whether it is south or north but when we are moving out of India, we all will be worried about food. So, in this article let us see how Indians face problems with food in Singapore.

If you are non vegetarian then I would say Singapore is best for you and you will automatically get adjusted to all the variety of food. But the problem is with vegan or vegetarian food. Yes, in Singapore getting vegetarian food is very difficult. Evn am also vegetarian and I will be going to so many places just to try veg food which gives a pure Indian taste.

In most of the areas there are some vegetarian restaurants but some taste better and some not. So whenever we feel like eating anything we always go to Little India. Little India has all the indian restaurants even you can find chats, snacks, idli, dosa etcc.. 

We even walk miles only to eat our Indian food. Recently we found a good hotel called Anjappar. It is acutely famous for non vegetarian food but we will even get good biryani , fried rice, manchurian etc.. And the taste is very good just like our indian food. 

Why is it so difficult to get veg food in Singapore?

In Singapore a lot of people eat chinese food and they always avoid fully boiled food, fried food etcc.. Most people in Singapore would love to eat non veg food and even people from other countries who are residing in singapore are also almost non vegetarian so due to that there are only few veg hotels in singapore.

But you will get all the vegetables and fruits so you can cook food at home . When you are stepping out you can  pack some veg food and go outside. You can sit anywhere like a mall, hotel, park, garden and have food.

Getting vegetarian food is a bit difficult in Singapore but if you find some restaurant you will definitely get good veg food with good Indian taste.

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