Top 5 Smoothies That Are Good for Weight Loss at Home
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Top 5 Smoothies That Are Good for Weight Loss at Home

If you want to reduce weight then here are some Top 5 Smoothies which you can try at home. Instead of spending a lot of money on outside diet food or juices you can perfect your smoothies at home. Drinking these Top 5 Smoothies everyday will help to reduce weight and also helps to boost your overall health. Let us see which are the smoothies you can drink at home.

Top 5 Smoothies for Weight Loss

1.Avocado Smoothie

This is one of my favourite smoothies. The taste of that smooth avocado makes you want to drink everyday. All you need to do is take one fresh avocado, add some milk, banana and feeled avocado in the jar, you can add dates, almonds, cashews to it. With the help of a mixture , blend all the ingredients. Then pour into the glass and drink it in the morning everyday. Avocados are low in calories so drinking it everyday does not increase your weight. Also, it is high in fibre. It keeps you full for a longer time and also helps to control weight.

2.Banana smoothie

Many people avoid drinking banana smoothies. But bananas also help to control weight. If you love drinking coconut water then do not miss to try this smoothie. Blend two fresh bananas in coconut water, add chopped almonds and nuts into it or you can add dry fruits powder to it. Drink it everyday in the morning. High fibre and low calories in the banana helps to provide energy and keeps your weight in control.

3.Vegetable smoothie

Drinking vegetable smoothies is one of the best ways to reduce weight. You can add your favourite vegetables like cucumber, beetroot, green leafy, etc. Make sure you are not adding any sugar to it. But to get a better taste you cae add dates and some dry fruits to it. Including vegetables in your diet helps to reduce weight and also it helps to fight free radical damage.

4.Berry smoothie

If you love having berries then try berry smoothie. Add frozen berries into jana and add fresh banana, yoghurt and honey to it, blend all these ingredients well and add some chopped berries on the top of it. Drink berry smoothies everyday. Berries are not only good for weight loss but also helps to control blood sugar level and cholesterol level.

5. Apple smoothie

The combination of apple with banana smoothie taste so good. Add one fresh apple and one fresh banana in the glass of milk, add almond, cashew, dates into it. Blend all the ingredients. Then drink it in the morning. Rich antioxidants in the apple helps to maintain a healthy balanced diet and boost overall health.

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