Try Matki or Sprouts in This Way - The Must Try Matki Salad or Sprout Bowl
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Try Matki or Sprouts in This Way – The Must Try Matki Salad or Sprout Bowl

The Must Try Matki Salad or Sprout Bowl – When we say matki in my mind a lot of Maharashtrian food will come, do you know why? In Maharashtra misal pav is a very famous food and Maharashtrians can survive on misal pav. And misal which they eat along with pav is made with healthy sprouts. My grandma used to say eating a bowl of matki or sprout everyday helps to keep you healthy and strong. Yes that is 100% true, I do prepare sprouts sabji and eat along with chapati or roti. But recently I tried one amazing salad so that I could share it with you all. So let us see how you can make The Must Try Matki or Sprout Salad at home.

Especially those who are on a diet, they must try this salad. I carry one small box while going to the office as well and I eat it whenever I feel hungry. Here are the few reasons why I started eating sprouts everyday.

1.It’s a super healthy food

As we know, consuming healthy food is always important for our body. If we don’t eat healthy food, we feel tired, dull and it may affect our health as well. Do you know am pizza burger lover at least in week i used to 3 burger and 1 pizza but recently when i consult doctor they told me to cut down on junk food. Initially it was tough for me also to eat sprouts but recently I started loving it and I add in the breakfast as a side dish. 

2.It control my hunger

Sometimes we may get delayed in eating lunch or dinner, so I also keep a bowl of sprouts in the refrigerator and whenever I feel hungry I just eat a few spoonfuls of sprouts. 

3.Rich in nutrients

Our body needs rich nutrients so eating a few varieties of food or salad may help to provide it. sprouts generally contain high levels of folate, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin k. So eating sprouts everyday can keep you away from extra supplements.

This is how i prepare my sprouts salad at home:

  • I will soak at least 1 bowl of Moth bean in 2 bowl of water for overnight
  • In the morning, i strain the existing water and wash it with fresh water
  • Once a water gets drained from moth bean, will put in clean white transparent cloth for 2 days
  • After 2 days we can see sprouts
  • Then , i will add chopped onion, chopped tomato, chopped coriander, shallow fried broccoli and pinch of salt to it
  • I eatwith breakfast or i do carry it with my lunch
  • If you are carrying it with lunch box do not add onion, it will start smelling so avoid adding on in it

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