Top 5 Fruits to Include in Your Diet in 2024
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Top 5 Fruits to Include in Your Diet in 2024

New year is around the corner and we all need to set some goals. Especially in our health, we must set goals. Most are addicted to a lot of junk food, oily food and unhealthy food. So let us keep ourselves fit and healthy. Here are some Top 5 Fruits to which you can Include in your diet routine in 2024. 

Top 5 Fruits to Include in Your Diet in 2024


It is one of the most favapure fruits. I can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well. Avocados are rich in many nutrients like healthy fats, fibre, vitamin C, E and B6 , folate etc. Consuming avocado daily helps to keep your weight healthy and also provides required nutrients to the body. You can consume it as a smoothie, toast or you can include it in the salad. It is power packed fruits for a healthy lifestyle so do not miss to include this fruit in your diet routine.

2. Banana

At least you need to have one banana a day. Bananas are rich in potassium, magnesium, Vitamin B6 and other nutrients. Consuming bananas daily helps to improve digestion and heart health. You can eat raw banana or add it to your smoothies. Eating bananas helps to keep you away from sugar and aids in weight loss.


Just like other nutrients even our body needs vitamin c and vitamin c is rich in oragees. So eating one orange day helps to fight inflammation and boost the immune system. Even eating oranges helps to fight with infection like, fever, cough, cold etc.


Many people don’t like to consume apples due to its sour taste. But eating one apple a day helps to provide plenty of health benefits. Apple is a perfect fruit for those who want to lose weight. It is the most consumed fruit worldwide so do not miss adding apples in your daily diet.


Guava is also rich in vitamin C and eating guava daily helps to boost immunity levels. Eating guava daily helps to reduce blood pressure. Guava is also a perfect fruit for weight loss. High fibre in guava helps to keep you full for longer time. 

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